WAYCAN - Initiatives

Women And Youth Community Action Network Initiatives.

Women and Youth Community Action Network Initiatives (WAYCAN INITIATIVES) was established and registered as a NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION in Kenya in 2013. The organization’s main beneficiaries are women and youth with the core focus being the promotion of human rights, safety & security, livelihoods and increasing youth and women's strategic participation and leadership in peace and governance.

WAYCAN INITIATIVES comes out strongly on innovative, participatory, youth friendly programming approaches founded on a multi-arts orientation, which resonates powerfully with the African traditional approaches to expression.

WAYCAN INITIATIVES is an organization that focuses primarily on providing capacity building solutions to communities and other actors in the non-profit sector. We are a small, tightly focused organization, keen and able to form close relationships with beneficiaries and to fully customize our interventions to the unique contexts of beneficiaries. We bring together innovative approaches and a wealth of experience in learning design,  organizational dynamics and participatory group processes to help beneficiaries to co-operatively develop and apply best practices in the management of community interventions.


Countering Violent Extremism

Gender Equality


Human Rights

Peace Building


Vision & Mission

WAYCAN INITIATIVES envisions a world where Women and Youth actively and sustainably participate in development

WAYCAN INITIATIVES' mission is to prioritize and support women and youth participation and leadership in human rights, peace building, politics, safety & security, livelihoods and governance through transformative, constructive and innovative approaches

WAYCAN INITIATIVES Head Office is located in Ukunda, About 200m from the mainUkunda-Ramisi road, Along the road to Diani Forest Lodge road, Kwale County.

WAYCAN INITIATIVES also operates a Resource Mobilization Unit in Nairobi at Racecourse, off Ngong road - next to Kevian Factory and opposite the Memorial War Cemetary.


Transparency and accountability

Mutual respect for all

Equality of opportunities

Dignity and justice.

Participation and inclusion of all irrespective of religious, gender, ethnic origin, level of education, or social background

Safety & Security

Our response to challenges in Security and Safety is informed by experience which has shown that most young people encounter radicalization either accidentally or by coercion or through negative peer influence, or out of mere curiosity. The problem is that society lacks the capacity and mechanism to protect and support those young people who come into contact with violent extremist groups and are at increased risk of becoming more involved... read more

Human Rights and Gender Equality
Human Rights are the bedrock upon which safety, security and co-existence stand on. WAYCAN INITIATIVES deliberately focuses on enhancing the capacity of communities, especially the youth and women on human rights. Gender Equality is promoted throughout WAYCAN INITIATIVES' programming and is reflected in the way in which the project team is composed. read more
Women are the "weavers of the social fabric" and economically empowering women has positive effects on the whole family. Youth on the other hand become more vulnerable when they are idle and have no income to support them. WAYCAN INITIATIVES livelihoods program offers training, incubation and mentorship for women and youth. read more
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Offices located in Ukunda, Kwale 200m along the road to Diani Forest Lodge, off the main Ukunda - Ramisi road

email: info@waycan.org

Telephone : +254-727-300-018 and +254-718-765-075

Off main Ukunda - Ramisi road,
200m along road to Diani forest lodge,
Ukunda - Kwale